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Volunteering can add a great deal to your life and the lives of those you help. It offers you a chance to make a difference to people’s lives in your local community, meet new and interesting people and

get satisfaction from doing something useful.

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Case Study


Moving into a faster lane

When I moved to Marlborough at the beginning of 2014 and not knowing anybody or anything about the town, I began looking for a way to get out and about and meet people.


I was told about LINK and on approaching them was told about the service they provide to the community. Declining services and an increase in the population of older people and others who need support, leave many people vulnerable and unable to access the essential services and social activities that enable them to maintain an independent and enjoyable life style. LINK provides a voluntary good neighbour service. After completing all the necessary documentation, I joined a team of enthusiastic volunteer drivers supported by a back room staff who really have the “knowledge”.


The day of my first journey arrived and was given a list of names and addresses and destinations, so set off to locate my passengers and hopefully take them to the correct addresses in time for their appointments – well that was easier than I expected!


Of course one day a call came through to collect Mrs A at 2 o’clock and take her to Christchurch then collect Mrs B to go to the Marlborough Surgery at 3.00 p.m. On expressing surprise at the timings to allow me to get to the coast and back, it was explained it is the name of a church and not the town! After a few weeks everything fell into place and the journeys took on a new aspect as you got to know the clients some of whom have lived in the town and surrounding areas for many years. They enjoyed having a chat and telling of going to school or working locally.


This is a rewarding activity and is becoming a vital part of “Care in the Community”. If you are interested in joining a dedicated team of volunteers, do contact:-



New Marlborough LINK Volunteer